Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Little Pep in my Step

Ahh, ladies (and perhaps gentlemen) I won't lie to you all, I've been a little down lately. I feel like the walls are closing in on me. I'm always really busy, it's just who I am but lately I can't seem to get a moment to catch my breath, or just catch up period! In addition, to feeling a little claustrophobic I've been less than confident about my body too. In June of last year I hired a personal trainer. No, I don't make that kind of money, but I decided to finally do something for myself. I did great! I mean I've never felt so good, it wasn't that I necessarily lost a lot of weight, it was more that my whole body was changing. I lost 2 dress sizes and about 10 pounds. Because I've been so busy lately, I can't seem to find the time to workout (I can no longer afford the trainer, so this doesn't help). At any rate, just not feeling uber confident, so I decided to wear something peppy!! I like this outfit, in fact, I have had this blue and green blouse for a few months but haven't been able to figure out how to wear it, I think I got it!
My Outfit:
Blue and Green blouse- $6, Old Navy
Yellow Cardigan- $3, thrifted
Jeans (turned capri)- $9, TJ Maxx
Heels- $9, Payless
Belt (unseen)-$7, Burlington
Brooch- $0.80 , thrifted
Earrings- $1, Dollar Tree
Total Cost: $35.80


I have a love/hate relationship with these heels. I love the texture and the classic nature of them, but especially at this time of year, when I'm really pale, they sort of blend into my skin!


  1. Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling your best. You do look great, though! I'm a fan of the rolled jeans with heels.

  2. Wow total cost! Am I seeing that right? Great job! You look beautiful too :)