Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's the shoes!! I love these shoes, I feel so sexy in them, you can't see them very well here, but have no fear, I've got a close-up down low....

My Outfit:
Fushia houndstooth cami- gifted (express)
Black turtleneck- $3, thrifted
Gray trousers- $9, Rue 21
Trouser socks- $1, Walmart ($2- 2pk)
Fushia T-strap heels- $8, Old Navy
Earrings- $1, thrifted
brooch- $0.75
Total Cost- $22.75

I think they're so saucy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blast from the Past

I feel like I should be in Saturday Night Fever in these pants!!! Does it look like I'm gonna bust out into a strut? I might!! I can't help it I love these pants!!

My Outfit:
Blue tee- $3, Walmart
Ruffled floral blouse- $2, Old Navy
Cardigan- $2, thrifted
SNF Jeans- $15, Old Navy
Boots- $15, Rack Room Shoes
Belt- $0.60, thrifted
Bracelet- $1, Dollar tree
Earrings- $3.50, thrifted (Avon originally)
Total Cost- $42.10
I found this blouse, obviously for dirt cheap and haven't had a clue with what to pair it with. As you can see it's a little boxy, and since I'm quite busty it has a tendency to make me look preggers when I'm not. So I think I found a combination that I really like.

These are the earrings that I wore today, I have been looking for some like these, and I love them!

These boots are like an old classic for me, I've had them for at least 5 years.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kinda plain, but Pink!

So today my outfit had to be pretty practical. I had to be in a lab setting for a number of hours, so that means long pants and closed toed shoes, and for my preference- hair back! Anyway, I thought I would pop this boring outfit with a pepto pink!! It makes me cheerful and giddy, although those that know me know that doesn't take much. At any rate, you may expect something equally as practical tomorrow, haven't decided yet though!

My Outfit:
White tee- $3, Walmart
Pink long sleeve polo- gifted, Tommy Hilfiger
Wide leg jeans- $ 20, Express
Pointy flats- $8, Payless
Headband- $1, Walmart (2 pk for $2)
Necklace- $1, Dollar Tree
Earrings- $2, Cato
Belt- $4, Walmart
Total Cost-$39

Close-up of my necklace:

Close-up of my flats:

These remind me of witches!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Go Falcons!

These are the colors of my Alma mater!!! I haven't ever worn this color combination until now, and you know I think I felt like I looked better than the way I actually look in this pic. I don't know, the skirt is kinda of funky and the cardigan makes me feel like a lady. However, I think the problem I'm having with the picture is that the yellow is too light with this dark purple. It's like Kasmira says about pairing colors, to pair the same ,and the woman definitely knows what she's talking about. So I think that I'm going to have to search for a darker yellow top!! Anywhoo, on to the outfit:
Black tee- $3, Walmart
Yellow cardigan- $3, thrifted
Purple polka dot skirt-$4, Cato
Black tights- $5, (George) Walmart
Black suede peep toe wedges- $3, thrifted
Black belt- free with purchase of dress
Earrings- $2, Cato
Bracelet- $0.60, Cato
Brooch- free with purchase of blouse
Total Cost- $20.60
I love this bracelet!! I lucked out at the thrift store! It's so funky and cool!! (Sorry for the blurrish pic, if anyone can provide suggestions on how to get close-ups of my accessories without all the blur I would love that!!)

You've seen these!! Still love them!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

All Gray

No I'm not wearing all gray, instead to my horror I found not even a gray hair but a white hair!!! I'm only 25, how can this be??? Alright, I think I'm over that now...just had to get that off my chest!! Other than the white horror, my day's been pretty crazy!! I'm planning my brother and sister-in-law's baby shower, trying to get my wedding plans in order, and running presumptive blood tests at school!! Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I weren't running 90 to nothing!! At any rate, I'm feeling kind of springy. It was finally warm enough to at least roll up my sleeves, yippee!! Alright, I'll get on to the goods....

My Outfit:
Blue cardigan- $4, thrifted (merona)
Black crochet tank- $4, Old Navy
Striped button down- $3, thrifted (express)j
Jeans- $20, Express
Black suede heels- $4, thrifted
Earrings- $1, Shirley's
Black Trench- $30, Kenneth Cole via Ross
Total Cost- $66 (including outerwear)
This is my favorite purchase ever!!! I had been wanting a black trench coat for so long and I found this one this summer at Ross, tried it on and it was like it was made just for me!!

This is the sister to the black suede wedge heels I had posted with my wonderful skirt on Thursday's post. I really like them, first time wearing them so a little uncomfortable, but I think they're going to fit in nicely with the rest of my closet!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In Lieu of an outfit pic, I wanted to devote this post to congratulating our new president and his beautiful wife!! I am so incredibly excited, and cannot wait to tell my kids that I got to watch history unfold before my very eyes....this is amazing!! I would also like to salute our new First Lady on her sassy, yet classic style. Here are a few of my favorite looks:

Monday, January 19, 2009

I like it!

So when my fiance saw me today he laughed at my outfit! That made me a bit upset, but who cares what he thinks, you should see some of his outfits!!! At any rate, I initially said that I wanted to take risks, and I think this outfit is kind of risky, in that you either love it or you hate it. In addition to taking risks, this outfit is about see I have on several layers on account of the fact that there are actual snow flurries in Alabama!! That is crazy, this very rarely happens (for those unfamiliar with AL weather). Also this is only the second time I've worn this gray and white dress, I can't really decide what to do with it. I mean I like it, but the first time I wore it, I actually wore it as a dress, which I don't believe I'll do again because it's just a bit too short to go it alone. So, I've been struggling with it. This is what I came up with, but I do plan on trying to work it a little bit more. So, if you don't like it, I was very warm!!!

My Outfit:
Black button up shirt- $10, Express
Gray/White dress/tunic- $5, Ross
Green jacket- $7, TJ Maxx
Dark denim jeans- $9, TJ Maxx
White tights (unseen)- $4, (George) Walmart
Rain boots- $15, Target via a friend
Belt-$2, thrifted
Earrings- $3, Walmart
Necklace- $3, Walmart
Total Cost- $58

I literally just fell into these boots. A friend of mine was telling me that she was going to return some boots that she had gotten at target, she got to talking about them, and I asked what size they were- my size!! At any rate I bought them off her for the price she paid! The best part is that I've been looking for a pair of rain boots (but I'm cheap so haven't found any "good" enough for me) and tada they're mine!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How do I love thee..

Oh my goodness, it is absolutely ridiculous how much I love this skirt!! I have been dying to wear it, bought it about a month ago at Old Navy. My mom and stepdad gave me a $50 gift card to there and you wouldn't believe me if I told, but I'll tell you anyway, I got 16 items and only went $15 over the gift card amount....and this skirt was one of my finds!! I love how springy, yet almost seductive the flowers feel, plus I think that the stripes add a little something interesting to it too. It's taken me awhile to think of an outfit to put together with it, but I really like this one!!
My Outfit:
Black turtleneck- $5, F21
Purple/fushia scoopneck blouse- $6, Old Navy
Black Cardigan- $3, thrifted
Floral Skirt-$2, Old Navy
tights- $5, Walmart (George)
Black wedge peep-toes- $3, thrifted
Brooch- $0.80, thrifted
Earrings- $1, Walmart (3-pack, $3 total)
Necklace- $1, Dollar Store
Total Cost- $26.80

Just having some fun!!

I can't believe I actually found these gems at the thrift store, I mean I've found clothes and such and occasionally look at the shoes, but haven't found any until now! I love the knotted detail at the toe! Oh, I found another pair of heels a lot like these but with a closed toe and a little sleeker, assuming someone donated both pairs.

Oh, and I was trying to explain why my pics may look a little crooked, it's because this is my very high tech setup. That little thing on top of the bucket is actually my tripod, cute isn't it?! It's just not wanting to support the weight of the camera completely, can you blame it, it's so tiny!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not too sure about this

So, I'm particularly sure I like this outfit today, I didn't really do anything special, just ran some errands before work tonight, but I feel like I look a little bit like a french maid! I don't know, I suppose I'd like your opinions please!! You know, though, something I've decided is that I really like the way these jeans look on me, I wasn't totally convinced they did anything for me, but am now reconsidering that thought.
This is what I looked like bundled up, I actually rememebered a jacket today!!
My Outfit:
Black and white blouse- $12, Ross
Blue, silky blouse- gifted from my mom (from Australia)
Jeans- $20, Express
Coral necklace and earrings- $3, Shirley's
Boots- $25, Rack Room Shoes
Scarf- gifted from my mom
Jacket- gifted from my fiance
headband- $2.50, walmart
Total Cost- $62.50

A close up of my necklace (also wearing earrings to match), I really like this necklace, but am never sure of what to wear it with. I feels very summery, so maybe shouldn't wear it until then..

A close up of my boots, I love these things!! Had them for forever.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Feelin Blue....

lAs in my fingertips!! I'm freezing today, and because I'm incredibly intelligent I left the house today without a coat!! In addition to the big me freeze, I started back at the gym today (was out for a month- stupid!!) and I am barely able to type this post my whole upper body hurts so much!!! Oh, well it's worth it, and to be honest I kinda like it ;)

My Outfit:
Blue striped button down shirt- $6, Old Navy
Blue cotton tee- $3, Walmart
Trousers- $15, Old Navy
Belt- $0.60, thrifted
Long necklace and earring set- gifted
Shorter necklace- made by me
Heels (can actually see them below)- $9, Payless
Total Cost- $33.60
My crazy small tripod (I'll show you later) was dropping the camera by like a centimeter and in doing so cut off my feet! Anywho, I wanted to send a shout out to Sheila to be kind enough to share her weight loss details with us all, you are an inspiration for us all, thank you!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

You Can Leave Your Hat On

I don't know why but for some reason when I was taking these pics, I kept hearing Joe Cocker's "You can leave your hat on" in my head, go figure!! At any rate, this is my outfit today, I have school on M, T, Th, and as I posted in the beginning I try to dress as I would be going to the job I want. I think that denim is ok as long as it's a dark wash, after all I am still at school.

Without the blazer:

A close up of my shoes, I don't wear these often enough, I love them and will have to start remembering I have them!!
The particulars:
White button up- $7, (A Byer) Sears I think
Blue knit shell- $6, Old Navy
Grey/Silver Velvet Blazer- $2, Burlington Coat Factory
Dark Denim Jeans- $20, Express
Red pointy toe kitten heel- $10, Payless
Necklace/Earring set-$ 5, Shirley's
Red Brooch- actually came with a piece of lingerie I own
Total Cost- $50

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Feeling Bubbly

I would like to first start by saying thank you for all the lovely comments thus far, I really appreciate them, and I agree with you Sheila when you said you get to know what your body actually looks like. So, today is obviously Sunday and something you must know about me and Sunday is that I do practically nothing, I usually work for 24 hours combined on friday and saturday (don't know why I didn't capitalize these too) and am quite tired by Sunday (back at it again). Anywho, I just kind of laze around, but was feeling the bubblegum pink today!!

Todays Outfit:
Plain White tee- $3, Walmart
Pink Blouse- gifted from my mom (bought in Australia)
Brown extreme V-neck sweater- $6, Old Navy
Jeans- $9, TJ Maxx
Leopard flats- $9, JC Penney
Earrings- $2, Cato
Butterfly necklace- gifted (one of my favs)
Brooch- came from an old blouse I had
Total Cost- $29

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A little help

I don't suppose someone could help me out with posting more than one picture, and being able to manipulate those pictures, if you can that would be awesome!!

Hey I'm new here

daily wear 005
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Alright!! I'm totally stoked to start this blog!! I have been perusing quite a few blogs for several months now and have been saying that I need to start one too! Why, do you ask, well I'll tell you why....

For several reasons:
1. To build up my's not that I'm lacking in confidence, but I want it to translate through my clothing that I know who I am and that I may just rock your world. I want to be able to enter a room and have people think "man that girl must know what she's doing" any rate I want to be able to hold my head higher because I know that I look good.

2. To get to know my body this I don't mean that I don't know the way my body looks, I do, I just want to find out how to better compliment my body through clothing. I have a very womanly body, which I love, I have a large bust and "child birthing hips," very curvy...I don't want to lose my silhouette I want to accentuate my form.

3. To take risks......I want to reach out of my comfort zone a little bit and dabble in different things, I like to keep it fresh and new and leave them guessing "what next?"

So that's why in a nutshell. In addition to these reasons, I am currently working on my masters degree and am a firm believer in dressing for the job I want, not necessarily the job I have, because I'm otherwise a waitress (not the most glamorous wardrobe). I believe that a first impression is a lasting impression, so when I'm not waiting tables I try to look my best. That being said, I will probably not post on the weekend, as I have a tendency to work all day on the weekends, but I should have a fair number of posts a week.

Whew....gosh I swear I'm going to stop talking soon....finally, I was hoping that anyone viewing this blog would offer me some constructive criticism, thoughts, views, opinions, etc... It would be greatly appreciated!!

So, without further ado....My first outfit details!

Boots- George (gifted for my bday)
opaque tights- $3, walmart
brown patterned tights- $5, walmart
brown spring skirt- $4, cato
white square neck top- $3, JC Penney (no tag)
red cardigan- $2, thrifted
belt- $2, thrifted
long necklace- $1, dollar store
circular necklance- $3, Shirley's
earrings- $3, walmart 3-pack
Total cost: $26