Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I really like this outfit, until I came home to my husband asking, "baby, you going fly fishing?" You know that kind of put a little chink in my armor, but I don't dress for him, I dress for me. No big deal right?!
I so did not enjoy looking at myself in these pics, which must be why I only took one.
I think I just had too much going on...
I was trying to be comfortable- had exams and I thought this was a better answer than a hoodie, jeans, and a hat (at least one that isn't cute)
I came off as a big mess!!
Oh well, fashion blunders happen I guess...
It's funny because I like these pieces all separately, but apparently their powers combine, they are a serious fashion felony (you were thinking I was going to say CAPTAIN PLANET, weren't you- it's okay, I'm singing the theme song right now too;)

My seriously dreadful outfit:
Hat- gifted
Gray sweater- $7, Target
Crochet tank- $4, Old Navy
Vest- $3, Old Navy
Jeans- hand me downs
Earrings- $3, Walmart
Belt- $6, Walmart
Rain boots- $15, Target
Total cost: $38

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