Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Silk Wash

Story about this blouse:

I thrifted it, it appeared to be brand new if not barely worn. Whenever I thrift things they get washed immediately, let's face it not the cleanest places in the whole wide world. So I proceed to wash everything- got a bunch of stuff. As I'm pulling the laundry from the washer, I notice the texture of this blouse is different. Horror strikes, I look at the label- yep 100% silk. Yeah, you don't wash silk....I'm an idiot!!

Oh, well it was a whole $2, but I'm still wearing didn't really get totally ruined, it's just not the same buttery feeling against my skin.

My Outfit:

Polka dot blouse- $2, thrifted

Cardi- $2, thrifted

Jeans- $20, Express

Flats- $13, Burlington

Brooch- free with purchase

Earrings-$2, Walmart

Total Cost: $39

I had actually planned on wearing the lovely polka dots with this red cardigan:

But the cut was all wrong, you see the magnificent ruffles of the blouse had to be framed in all their glory, this cardigan would have totally taken away from the ruffleness.


  1. I did the exact same thing with a thrifted silk shirt last week. I knew I needed to dry clean it, but somehow it ended up in the laundry basket and was washed. sigh.

  2. Super cute outfits! I love the print on that skirt and those necklaces together. The brooch is a nice touch in the top outfit.

  3. Just came across your blog for the first time and I love your outfits esp the mix of colour and pattern amazing!

    by the way have you heard of the new fashion website called You should make a profile on it! I was reading your information and it seems like you might like it! i dont work for it or anything just think its quite cool

    Check out my blog! Im trying to get a few more followers, so if you have time please add me :) just followed you and looking forward to seeing more posts

    Also do you have a stand/tripod to take your pics? They look great. Or does someone take them for you? Im thinking I should invest in one.

    ps love your stlye

    Hannah xx

  4. I never would have put the brooch on the cardigan there. Such a good idea.