Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Photo dump!!

Friday: Go Red
I know I don't usually post pics on friday or saturday but this weekend was different, I put on a baby shower for my brother and SIL on sunday so I took a bit of time off to do so, I'll post those pics seperately. Oh, so why the photo dump? My internet was on the fritz, I would have it and then out of nowhere, it wouldn't work again...finally fixed!! So, I never remember to "go red" and I finally did thanks to Kimberly.
My Outfit:
Burgundy(Red) Cami-$4, Plato's Closet
White blouse- $6, Old Navy
Trousers- $ 15, Old Navy
Necklace- $1, Dollar Tree
Earrings- $1, Dollar Tree
Red Pointy kitten heels- $10 , Payless
Total Cost- $37
Necklace close-up:
Earrings close-up:
Love these:

I had a writer's workshop class to attend today, counts as an elective for the program I'm in...not actually a writer, but anyway this is what I wore for the full day of 9-5 in one room, same seat, BOORING!
My Outfit:
Gray sweater dress- $5, F21
White sweater- $5, F21
Scalloped tights- $4, Old Navy
Blue tights- $3, Old Navy
Gray socks- vintage, they were my grandpa's (not as weird as it sounds)
Boots- gifted
Necklace and earring set- $5, Shirleys
Total Cost-$ 22

Earring & Necklace close-up:
Love these boots! (yes I pretty much love all my shoes!! Especially boots!)

Had a bunch of homework to do today! Argh! Had to dress comfortably. I tend to steer clear from these types of wrap tops, because they have a tendency to say something like "here's my boobs, take a look!" But I think this is okay, perhaps some opinions would help me out with this :)

My Outfit:
Teal tshirt- $3, Old Navy
White/gold wrap top- $7, Old Navy
Jeans- $20, Express
Flats- $9, JC Penney
Key necklace- $1, Dollar Tree
Mid necklace- $1, Dollar Tree
Longest necklace- $3, Shirley's
Tiny brooch on wrap- $0.60, thrifted
Earrings (came with necklace)- $2.50, Shirley's ($5 for combo)
Total Cost- $47.10

Layering necklace attempt:

These flats have been worn to death!
I had to work until 4 today and then I had to go to class, quick change!! I loved the ideas of combining these two colors, and I think that I really pulled it off (surprisingly)!
My Outfit:
Fushia scoopneck- $6, Old Navy
White button-up- $5, Macy's
Blue Floral skirt- $4, thrifted (NY & Co.)
White opaque tights- $5, Walmart (George)
Gray socks- vintage (yep, grandpa's, but different pair)
Boots- gifted
Necklace- $4, Shirley's
Earrings- $3, Shirley's
Total Cost: $27

Necklace and Earrings:


  1. The layering necklace attempt...came out great!!
    i also like the blue necklace set

  2. Regarding the white and gold cropped sweater - you said it seems to draw attention to your boobs, and I tend to agree. I wonder if you wore a white shirt so that the style blends together but you still have the style effect. You could add the color w/the accessories. Just my 2 cents ... and you can give me change! LOL