Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1 Skirt 3 Ways Challenge: Day 1

So, I am finally starting the challenge posed by Jane, to pick just one skirt and wear it three different ways. Today was so beautiful and light I thought this skirt was perfect!! I don't know if anyone remembers but this is actually the skirt from my very first post. The thing I like about it is that it transitions well between weather and since I live in Alabama, the weather is insanely random. I know that the print is recognizable, but I like that because it poses a challenge for me to mix it up without looking the same. Oh, you may be wondering why no head today, not wearing makeup right then and trust me you don't want to see this!
My Outift:
Teal Shirt- $3, Walmart
Brown floral skirt- $4, Cato
Belt- $2, thrifted
Sandals- $1, Cato
Necklace- gifted, for graduation
Earrings- $1, Dollar tree
Total Cost: $11
A very bad close-up of my necklace:

Okay, I cannot express into words how much I loooove these sandals!! I bought them during winter, when the stores are just dying to get rid of their leftover summer stuff, this is actually how I buy most things, I very rarely shop in-season. At any rate, perfectly good sandals only $1.


  1. I really like the color top w/this brown print shirt. I have a brown print skirt like this so I'm interested to see what you'll be doing. This is a very attractive outfit on you today.

  2. OOps I can't see the skirt. I love the sandals though.

  3. I'm a skirts gal so really lovein yours! And $4 WOW!!

  4. Love, love, love this skirt! And the teal top looks fantastic with it -- nice choice :)