Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Best thing EVER!!

So, I'd like to introduce to you all for the first time ever Josiah Alexander Paul!!! My nephew was born on Saturday at 5:52 pm, weighing in at 7 lbs. 5 ozs. and measuring 20 1/4 inches. He is the most amazing person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!! I had no idea how magical child birth could be, needless to say I'm a bit enamored. Here he is though...I'll try to post a great pic that's on my phone once I figure out how to do that :)

Sorry, I'd like to apologize for the lack of posting lately, life has been crazy, but totally worth it!!!
This is actually what I wore on Sunday, to have lunch with the FI and go to the hospital to see my little wonder!!
My Outfit:
Black crochet cami- $4, Old Navy
Gray 3/4 sweater- $7 , Target
Black belt- $5, Plato's Closet
Purple polka dot skirt- $4, Cato
Silver heels- $16, Payless
Earrings- $2, Cato
Total Cost: $38

Apparently I actually pattern mix more than I thought!

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  1. So beautiful -- he's gorgeous! Your outfit is lovely too, lol, but I just adore babies, so it's hard to take my eyes off him. So cute!

    Congratualtions to you and your whole family...many blessings to the sweet baby :)