Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back To School

Ahhh, today was the start of my second to last semester...not close enough to the last one but that's okay, I'll make it (I think;). Anywho, I put zero planning and thought into my outfit and this is what I got!
My Outfit:
White tee- $3, Walmart
Gray beaded tank- $8, Old Navy
Jeans- borrowed
Wedges- $5, Payless
Necklace- $0.60, thrifted
Earrings- $1, Walmart
Total cost: $17.60

I don't think I've ever worn these on the blog before, I got then on a BOGO event at payless at the beach of all places a couple of years ago!

My hair didn't look as craptastic as it did in the first picture...it was raining today and I didn't have an umbrella, so the curl and wave made it big. This was actually the other day, but it looked almost exactly like this today.

The back:
Have I mentioned how much I loooove my hair?!


  1. I looooove your hair too! That's a great cut.

    The shoes are very cute too!

  2. CUTE hair! You look adorable!

  3. The short hair looks FANTASTIC on you! Cute outfit, too! :)

  4. Your hair is GORGEOUS! I love it!!! I'm so jealous you can rock the short hair... :)

  5. The haircut is very chic, and your makeup is beautiful.