Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's A Boy!!

Surprise! This is the reason I'm so busy! No, I'm not pregnant!! We got a puppy!!!! We have been wanting a dog for soooo long now so we finally found this little guy at a humane society in Georgia. I know right why go all the way to Georgia (I live in Alabama)? My husband wanted a specific breed (boxer), which was fine with me, but my stipulation was it had to be either from a rescue or a humane society. So we used petfinder.com to find a specific breed in an area close to our house. It took a while and we even found another dog that was promised to us and then adopted out to someone else at the last minute (broke my heart). Finally, we found "Caesar" listed for adoption. At the time of the listing he was only like 8 weeks old. He was being fostered out because the humane society he came from is not a "no kill" society, so they foster out to fix this problem. We spoke to his foster mom for a few days and then she decided we should meet, we did and he came home!!!!! We decided to name our new little boy Oliver Grant. It's very sophisticated ;) He is quite possibly the sweetest, smartest, and most cuddly dog I have ever met!!
He's got a tiger brindle coat:
So, you may be wondering what kind of dog he is....basically he's a mutt. He was listed as a boxer mix (which is the breed the hub's wanted), but due to his floppy ears and excess skin we also think he's got a bit of hound in him, he also has a very thick build, so he may also have a dash of pit in him...but he's very sweet. It's hard to tell how big he's going to get but he has huge paws!! In fact, a friend even thought he looked like a bull mastiff! We're thinking about 60 pounds, but all muscle. Tell me what you think he is.


  1. He is so cute! I love his coloring.

  2. OMGosh, he is too cute! My brother-in-law had a mastiff at one time, and your furbaby does look a lot like his did. BTW, are you in law school (I noticed the mock trial comment)? I just graduated and took the bar.

  3. He is so cute, and I am sooooo happy you got a rescue doggie. You are in for a lifetime of love plus you did a good thing!