Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hair Inspiration

So Lydia recently posted a call for help on cutting her hair and needing some recommendations, I thought I'd give her a hand. Seeing as I just cut all of my locks off I figured why not share my thought process behind it and the choice I made. This picture directly below is pretty much the final inspiration behind my cut. The other pictures below I came across through my search. First of all I tried to think of actresses or famous ladies with similar facial features as mine.
This is how I happened upon Mandy Moore. I don't have very distinct features, in fact more subtle I would say (I certainly don't have a square jaw line or anything like that). I feel like Mandy here shares some of those subtle features, so I liked this cut.

I really just love Cynthia Nixon and after watching SITC for the 60th time I thought I check out some of her past cuts. We don't really share many facial features, but I did really love this cut.

In addition to face shape and just general shortness, I knew I also wanted side swept bangs. I really liked the major difference of the side swept bang over the shortness of the other side. This cut was really polished, but I wanted something a little more edgy, hence the first pic.

Yep, Mandy again. I actually think this is the cut from the first pic of her just more recently trimmed, the other cut looked a little grown out. But, I did, however, love how feminine this cut looked.

All in all, I think I just got really lucky with my cut. My stylist was amazing, if you're in the Birmingham area please visit her at T Fox Salon, ask for Tracey. Otherwise, I'm a very adventurous person when it comes to my hair. I have made a dramatic cut two times before. Each time I cut this much I donate it to Locks Of Love, good cause. I guess I just figure if I don't like the cut I'll either go shorter or wear a hat for a while!! Sometimes you just have to jump in!! I hope this helps you Lydia!


  1. Those are adorable!!! Thanks for the ideas! :)

    I think my favorite is the last one, but my face isn't square like Mandy Moore' it is only hair and it will grow back. :)

  2. I wanna see your new hair!!! And these are so cute. I totally love the last pic of Mandy Moore. I wish I could pull that off but my face is square/round so it would look bad on me.

    And you should totally do the flower necklace! It was sooo easy :D

  3. i adore this short cut but it takes so much time. i had it done years ago and became bff with my stylist as i saw her more than some of my friends.