Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Don't Really Know About This...

I don't really know about this outfit...I think it photographed well, but I didn't feel super confident in it. I don't know, what do you think?
Today's Outfit:
Brown cami- $3, JC Penney
White dress (worn as blouse)- $12, Cato's
Floral skirt- $4, Gap via Ebay
Belt- $0.60, thrifted
Sandals- gifted
Earrings- $1.50, Cato's
Necklace- made by me
Total Cost: $21.10
Forgive the thread all over the carpet, the puppy is ripping his toys apart and leaving the remenants all over the floor!

The accessories and print:


  1. Hmm. I like the colors and the skirt style on you, but I think the problem is tucking in the top and adding the belt end up visually truncating you at, well, your trunk. :) Your upper body looks disproportionately shorter than the skirt length.

    For me, figuring out the right balance between top and bottom is a guessing game, so it's hard for me to offer advice on how to adjust. I would just keep trying on tops that stop at different spots until I found one that looked right to me in the mirror. So I'm no help on that, sorry!

  2. i think it looks really flattering actually! what was it about the outfit that you did not like so much?

  3. This is such a pretty outfit and you look great! Is it because the top was fitted and the skirt was above the knee? What I mean to say is...did you somehow feel overexposed? You certainly don't look overexposed....just a thought:)

  4. I think everything looks really nice. I'm liking the print on that skirt.

  5. Oh wow, I really like it. Maybe try a thicker belt to define your waist better? I think it's super cute.