Thursday, September 17, 2009


This was one of those outfits that you walk around thinking- alright I'm looking pretty delicious today!!!
And then, you come home, take your blog picture, and go : What the eff was I thinking?!!??
Yeah, I left the house feeling super fly, but when I saw these pics, I thought- great I look ridiculously dumpy- I mean this did nothing to flatter my fact, it emphasized all the bad parts of my figure!
Where do I start? Oh, yes, I know where... my BUST, okay I know a lot of people pay to have a larger bustline- but I am willing to pay to have a smaller one!!! I think that everyday I wake up I have gotten bigger up there- seriously!! I gets to the point that I feel crowded by my boobs!!
On top of that these jeans- which I thought were a score at $2, thrifted, did absolutely nothing for my thighs!!! My thighs are not that huge- look back, there's prior evidence!! I don't know, these may go into a destroy and upcycle pile, we'll see.
What's that you say? Is she done yet?
Well, yes, yes I am...
I apologize for the rant, but I hate these days!!
My Wretched Outfit:
Fushia houndstooth cami- gifted, Express
White ruffly button-up- $2, thrifted
Jeans- $2, thrifted
Headband- $6, Shi
Belt- $2, thrifted
Earrings- $2, Walmart
Total Cost: $14
Finally, some details:
Let me tell you how much I LOVE this headband, $6 is a little steep for me and headwear- but I LOVE it!!

Yep,these guys again!


  1. ahahhaha! i feel the exact same way about my boobs. my boyfriend, on the other hand, might start a coalition to prevent me from ever doing anything to minimize their size. he's even taken to telling me they're getting smaller, when in fact, they are not. i should know, right? they're still there, in the way! messing up the way shirts looks on me and generally aching and making life less enjoyable. stoopid boobs.

  2. Aw, I hate those days! But I think you are being too hard on yourself. You look really cute here, and a confident smile always makes everything look better. Cheesy but true! :)

  3. I hate those kind of days - you feel great all day and then...ugh, the photo.

    I also wish I had smaller boobs.

  4. Oh MAN! Every single day this happens to me! I get dressed and I'm like "Yeah! Lookin' pretty good today!", then I catch a glimpse in a store mirror or something. Instant ego crusher. Oh well!
    By the way, that headband is the best thing ever! I'm so loving feathers right now.

    P.S. How neat that you know about Leavenworth!! I'm German decent also!