Thursday, September 17, 2009

This was Monday

I felt like my style has been a little boring lately, so I decided to mix up my color palette just a little bit. I actually really like how this turned out, I needed something simple and easy...what's more simple or easy than a cami and a cardi.

I've been reading about "uniforms" and I guess this would be my go to look when I have no idea and can't make my mind up.

My Outfit:

Cami- $5, I think Walmart (had it forever!!)

Cardigan- $4, Thrifted

Jeans- hand me downs

Earrings- $2, Shirley's

Flips- $1, Cato

Total Cost: $ 12

Wow, that's pretty cheap, even for me!!

Apparently my super fave for the summer:

Oh, did you notice the puppy again- what a photo fiend!!! Eednic over at Fashionably eLate asked what kind of dog I had, and to be quite honest...he's a mutt. He was marketed on the humane society website as a "boxer mix" but we see a few different breed, truthfully, your guess is as good as mine!!


  1. Oooooo, isn't it nice to have such a faithful friend?

  2. i really like the color combo you used here! i have some go-to's in my wardrobe too. so i feel ya!

  3. Oh you look lovely, what a great colour combo!!!