Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Saturday: Lunch With the Girls

Ahh, I didn't have to work today, because of the was glorious!!!! I took the opportunity to do something that I NEVER do, hang out with my girlfriends!! It was awesome, we gossiped, giggled, and I even had a drink (for those of you that don't know, I barely ever drink- I mean EVER!!!) It was true bliss! Of course, when I got home I had to clean, but I'll take the trade off!!! I kept it simple for the outing with jeans a white tee and a very lovely scarf, from someone rather wonderful!!!
Todays Outfit:
White tee- $3, Walmart
Jeans- hand me downs (my SIL gave me lots!!)
Flats- $9, JC Penney
Belt- $9, Burlington
Scarf- From the Lovely Lydia
Earrings- $2, Cato
Puppy- gift from my bro and SIL
Total Cost: $23
Soooo, I don't know if you've noticed but Ollie (our pup) LOVES the camera. It's really funny because he'll be minding his own business until he hears the timer going off on the camera, then he'll saunter on over and place himself right behind me. What can I say I've created a monster!!! Maybe I'll start dressing him so he can at least contribute some fashion, sure he's cute, but some fashion please!!!
Oh again with the no detail shots :( Sorry, and you do have to see these flats and earrings too!! I promise, next time!!
Oh, I almost forgot! So, my birthday is this friday, 9-11 ( I know, sucks, but I came first so there!!)- gah I love exclamations, imagine what I sound like- chances are you got it! So, where was I? Oh yes, my birthday (26- yikes!) my hubs has surprised me with a beach trip, very last minute, so I will totally be out of commission until Monday. Have no fear, I will be taking pictures, but prob won't be able to upload until I get back. We'll see, maybe I'll be crazy and blog while there, why not, I DO have to study for analytical chemistry regardless (not that this is anywhere near analytical chemistry- ack!) Alright, I'll quit my ramblings, see you laters!!


  1. I was excited see you back up on my list! You look cute!

  2. your pup is a cutie! what breed is he? happy birthday!!

  3. Love the pop the scarf adds. Sorry about the lost list.

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a grand time tonight!

    Your pup is like my cat - as soon as he hears the timer going on the camera, he saunters over and gets in the shot.

  5. Ah! I was waiting to see it on yo--looks adorable! Just the perfect pick me up for a casual outfit, no? :D