Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jazz Hands!!

This was Tuesday. I was running late, so I chose something very basic, but at the last minute decided to add a little bit of interest and throw on a scarf as a belt- it's my interpretation of jazz hands, in clothing form!! I loved the look, but perhaps next time I'll chose a pair of pants that fit me really well, so I'm not pulling them up all the time- no the most practical belt of all!!

My Outfit:
Black tee- $3, Walmart
Jeans- hand me downs
Flats- $10, Burlington Coat Factory
Scarf- $1, AC Moore (yea, the craft place)
Necklace- made by me
CZ studs- gifted
Total Cost: $14
Love these, just got them with some of my birthday money!!
Man I love birthdays!

Necklace close-up:

Ollie, modeling the scarf- can't you see the versatility?!

That's it, I'm signing him up to be a pet model!!


  1. your dog sure is a cutie! is it a boxer or a pibble?

    i love using scarves as belts! and your shoes are fabulous!

  2. Pretty scarf! It looks like your furbaby likes it too, LOL :)

  3. What a great detail with the scarf as a belt!!!!
    Your friend is too cute :)