Thursday, January 8, 2009

A little help

I don't suppose someone could help me out with posting more than one picture, and being able to manipulate those pictures, if you can that would be awesome!!


  1. Welcome To BlogLanD!
    To post more than one pic:
    1. Click on the add pic icon.
    2. Which should bring you to the screen where you add pics.On the top left corner, you should see "Add an image from your computer" .
    3. Below it, in blue and underlined, are the words "Add Another Image"
    4. Click there and you can add up to 5 images @ one go...

    I hope that helped :-)

  2. Thank you, I think it will help I will be posting tomorrow so I'll try it out then!

  3. To add to Lady D's comments (which are totally correct), you can also change the size of the picture to be displayed (small, medium, large) in that screen, and you can also change the alignment there (whether you want your photo to be centered, to the left or to the right).