Sunday, January 11, 2009

Feeling Bubbly

I would like to first start by saying thank you for all the lovely comments thus far, I really appreciate them, and I agree with you Sheila when you said you get to know what your body actually looks like. So, today is obviously Sunday and something you must know about me and Sunday is that I do practically nothing, I usually work for 24 hours combined on friday and saturday (don't know why I didn't capitalize these too) and am quite tired by Sunday (back at it again). Anywho, I just kind of laze around, but was feeling the bubblegum pink today!!

Todays Outfit:
Plain White tee- $3, Walmart
Pink Blouse- gifted from my mom (bought in Australia)
Brown extreme V-neck sweater- $6, Old Navy
Jeans- $9, TJ Maxx
Leopard flats- $9, JC Penney
Earrings- $2, Cato
Butterfly necklace- gifted (one of my favs)
Brooch- came from an old blouse I had
Total Cost- $29

1 comment:

  1. I really like those shoes!! Cute outfit. Welcome to the blogging world :)