Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blast from the Past

I feel like I should be in Saturday Night Fever in these pants!!! Does it look like I'm gonna bust out into a strut? I might!! I can't help it I love these pants!!

My Outfit:
Blue tee- $3, Walmart
Ruffled floral blouse- $2, Old Navy
Cardigan- $2, thrifted
SNF Jeans- $15, Old Navy
Boots- $15, Rack Room Shoes
Belt- $0.60, thrifted
Bracelet- $1, Dollar tree
Earrings- $3.50, thrifted (Avon originally)
Total Cost- $42.10
I found this blouse, obviously for dirt cheap and haven't had a clue with what to pair it with. As you can see it's a little boxy, and since I'm quite busty it has a tendency to make me look preggers when I'm not. So I think I found a combination that I really like.

These are the earrings that I wore today, I have been looking for some like these, and I love them!

These boots are like an old classic for me, I've had them for at least 5 years.


  1. Oooh, I like the button detail on those trousers. I am glad you're joining us for the Mrs. O challenge!

  2. Love this look! The way you belted the open cardi over the blouse is super -- and I love the jeans, too. What great finds...and your blog photos are lovely too :)

  3. Love everything about this outfit, especially how you belted the outfit. And your earrings are lovely!!