Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hey I'm new here

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Alright!! I'm totally stoked to start this blog!! I have been perusing quite a few blogs for several months now and have been saying that I need to start one too! Why, do you ask, well I'll tell you why....

For several reasons:
1. To build up my's not that I'm lacking in confidence, but I want it to translate through my clothing that I know who I am and that I may just rock your world. I want to be able to enter a room and have people think "man that girl must know what she's doing" any rate I want to be able to hold my head higher because I know that I look good.

2. To get to know my body this I don't mean that I don't know the way my body looks, I do, I just want to find out how to better compliment my body through clothing. I have a very womanly body, which I love, I have a large bust and "child birthing hips," very curvy...I don't want to lose my silhouette I want to accentuate my form.

3. To take risks......I want to reach out of my comfort zone a little bit and dabble in different things, I like to keep it fresh and new and leave them guessing "what next?"

So that's why in a nutshell. In addition to these reasons, I am currently working on my masters degree and am a firm believer in dressing for the job I want, not necessarily the job I have, because I'm otherwise a waitress (not the most glamorous wardrobe). I believe that a first impression is a lasting impression, so when I'm not waiting tables I try to look my best. That being said, I will probably not post on the weekend, as I have a tendency to work all day on the weekends, but I should have a fair number of posts a week.

Whew....gosh I swear I'm going to stop talking soon....finally, I was hoping that anyone viewing this blog would offer me some constructive criticism, thoughts, views, opinions, etc... It would be greatly appreciated!!

So, without further ado....My first outfit details!

Boots- George (gifted for my bday)
opaque tights- $3, walmart
brown patterned tights- $5, walmart
brown spring skirt- $4, cato
white square neck top- $3, JC Penney (no tag)
red cardigan- $2, thrifted
belt- $2, thrifted
long necklace- $1, dollar store
circular necklance- $3, Shirley's
earrings- $3, walmart 3-pack
Total cost: $26


  1. Hi, welcome to blogland :D I love your first outfit -- that rich red is stunning on you and the way you belted the cardi is great. I really look forward to seeing more of your outfits. This blogging thing is quite addictive and will help you accomplish all the goals you've listed, no doubt (it has me!)

    Welcome again :D

  2. You look great and welcome to the world of fashion blogging.

  3. Thank you soo much Kayleigh and Spiragirl for your comments and support!

  4. Hi, MS! Congrats on starting a blog - it is quite addictive! The biggest things I've gotten out of blogging my outfits is a) I have a much better idea of what I really look like (sounds silly, but we all carry wildly inaccurate mental pictures in our heads of how we think we look) and b) I plan my outfits much more carefully.

    That red is really dramatic on you - great colour for your skin. Looking forward to your further outfits!

  5. Welcome!
    Nice outfit...i need to start using belts but seem to be so afraid to lol