Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not too sure about this

So, I'm particularly sure I like this outfit today, I didn't really do anything special, just ran some errands before work tonight, but I feel like I look a little bit like a french maid! I don't know, I suppose I'd like your opinions please!! You know, though, something I've decided is that I really like the way these jeans look on me, I wasn't totally convinced they did anything for me, but am now reconsidering that thought.
This is what I looked like bundled up, I actually rememebered a jacket today!!
My Outfit:
Black and white blouse- $12, Ross
Blue, silky blouse- gifted from my mom (from Australia)
Jeans- $20, Express
Coral necklace and earrings- $3, Shirley's
Boots- $25, Rack Room Shoes
Scarf- gifted from my mom
Jacket- gifted from my fiance
headband- $2.50, walmart
Total Cost- $62.50

A close up of my necklace (also wearing earrings to match), I really like this necklace, but am never sure of what to wear it with. I feels very summery, so maybe shouldn't wear it until then..

A close up of my boots, I love these things!! Had them for forever.

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