Thursday, January 15, 2009

How do I love thee..

Oh my goodness, it is absolutely ridiculous how much I love this skirt!! I have been dying to wear it, bought it about a month ago at Old Navy. My mom and stepdad gave me a $50 gift card to there and you wouldn't believe me if I told, but I'll tell you anyway, I got 16 items and only went $15 over the gift card amount....and this skirt was one of my finds!! I love how springy, yet almost seductive the flowers feel, plus I think that the stripes add a little something interesting to it too. It's taken me awhile to think of an outfit to put together with it, but I really like this one!!
My Outfit:
Black turtleneck- $5, F21
Purple/fushia scoopneck blouse- $6, Old Navy
Black Cardigan- $3, thrifted
Floral Skirt-$2, Old Navy
tights- $5, Walmart (George)
Black wedge peep-toes- $3, thrifted
Brooch- $0.80, thrifted
Earrings- $1, Walmart (3-pack, $3 total)
Necklace- $1, Dollar Store
Total Cost- $26.80

Just having some fun!!

I can't believe I actually found these gems at the thrift store, I mean I've found clothes and such and occasionally look at the shoes, but haven't found any until now! I love the knotted detail at the toe! Oh, I found another pair of heels a lot like these but with a closed toe and a little sleeker, assuming someone donated both pairs.

Oh, and I was trying to explain why my pics may look a little crooked, it's because this is my very high tech setup. That little thing on top of the bucket is actually my tripod, cute isn't it?! It's just not wanting to support the weight of the camera completely, can you blame it, it's so tiny!!


  1. I love that skirt too. And if it makes you feel better I have been using my BBQ outside as a tripod for nearly a year before my parents kindly bought me one for Christmas.

  2. That skirt would have been worth the whole Gift Card - amazing!

  3. That skirt is such an amazing score! It's absolutely stunning.